New Year Resolution: The Christian Way

Welcome to the year 2018; oh my God this year has already had its swing at me. I am a woman who is in her mid-twenties and with that being said, I am a very complex person. I have so many different likes and dislikes, just like many of you around the world. When the years starts I see a lot of these:

New Year, New Me

New Year, New Resolutions

New Year, New Weight loss goals

New Year, New Boyfriend

New Year, New Husband? lol

I see so many new year proclamations and my mind starts to work at 100 miles an hour, trying to figure out why so many people are stuck in this New Year New New New mindset. Ladies and gentlemen we found our problem. I am not even going to lie and say, I have not fallen in the New Year New Mindset program because I have. My thing is, when we make these new year resolutions, why do we not stick to them? Why do we always go back to our old habits and bad mannerisms? Why do we choose to do that to our own selves?

This year 2018, I am hoping with all my heart that whatever it is I choose to change about myself, it is for the better and that I stick to it. I cannot do this on my own and that is where I go looking for my help. Dear God, here I am again, looking for you to carry me through the year and change me for the better, help me stick to you and to my decisions for my own betterment in Jesus name I pray, Amen. That is one of my many prayers for the year 2018.

We all have issues; please do not lie, you know you do.

The thing with a lot of Christians is that, we tend to overlook our own issues and focus more on what someone else is doing. Honey, check your mirror first and make sure that thing is spotless before pointing a finger. We all know the one who is perfect and with no sin died on the cross of Calvary; with that being said, we are not Jesus.

We are not Jesus, that is what a lot of people say to each other. You are not Jesus, so you cannot judge me. That saying is true, but we also have Jesus within us if we have been baptized, and excepted him as our Lord and savior. When you have accepted him ( JESUS ) as your Lord and Savior, you cannot judge a person, meaning ( YOU CANNOT CONDEMN THAT PERSON ), instead pray for them. We live in a finger-pointing world in both secular and faith-oriented situations. We are constantly being judged and accused about something. It can be true or false, but we have no right to tell someone, you are going to hell, simply because we do not decide that fate for that person. If you have been wrongly accused of something (or even if you feel sorely misunderstood), know that God knows. He not only knows; He has the power to make the truth known. Let Him fight this battle for you. Let Him expose the finger-pointers. No amount of convincing, arguing or fighting can do the job that a simple prayer can do.

I am a very complex person. I have so many different likes and dislikes, just like many of you around the world. I remember saying this at the very beginning of this article. Let us talk about my favorite pass time activities; do not judge me, cause I am not judging you. I will explain my likes, and I surely will justify them, because as human beings that is what we do best.

I love watching movies and TV shows; and I do not mean only christian based movies and TV shows, I mean everything. I watch everything from the movie God’s Not Dead to the show Lucifer. I mean, I know some people at this very moment are like,” WHAT? LUCIFER? HOW DARE YOU CALL YOURSELF A BELIEVER AND WATCH THE SHOW LUCIFER’? Trust me, I understand your conflict. I had told myself, I would never watch this show, it is a disgrace to my faith. The devil works in a way that we all do not fully understand, but at the same time understand. One day I was sitting at work bored out of my mind, clicking the buttons on a remote control and I stopped on Fox channel because I noticed a show. It was not Comcast or cable TV, so it did not show me the title. I sat on the couch and started watching it. The show was funny and interesting, until I heard the man being called by the name Lucifer. I could not believe it; but at this point it was too late for me to turn back, my fleshly curiosity won me over. I am sad to say; that was in 2016 and in 2018, I am still watching it. God help me. See what I did there? I said, God help me and not YOU help me. You do not carry that power.

As a human being, that is just one of my weaknesses, movies and TV shows. I am sure you all have your own weaknesses as well, but God is always the one to call for help. If you want to be free, He is the one to go to, the one to seek. God’s phone number is in scriptures; and with the power of your tongue, call out to him for help. I was watching a video on YouTube and a young woman was telling a story about a dream she had. She had a dream about judgement day, God called her name and he told her to depart from him, he told her she was not written in the Book Of Life. Do you know how scary that is? to not be written in the book of life? I do not know about you, but I want to avoid that end.

Let your new year resolutions be those of FAITH, LOVE AND HONOR TO YOUR GOD. Do not depart from him, do not hold on to anger and do not be unforgiving, do not point your fingers at people, instead pray for them. If you fall, get back up and seek Him yet again. I am not a perfect christian young woman, and with that being said, falling is something that can happen to me and to you. The greatest lesson is knowing how to get back up. Do not be afraid to get back up and follow him. This life can be hard, and following God’s Holy Word can be hard as well, but we got to keep pushing this year and forever. Do not let your issues or your hobbies let you down, do not choose the path the world is going, simply because it looks cooler, choose the small but perfect path to life, choose GOD.

I really hope, this will stick in all our hearts. May God be with you all, now and forever, Amen.


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