Rules for being OVER 25 but Under 40

Life, everyday we wake up and do the same routine things we do. Take a shower or not, brush our hair or not, do our make-up or not. Seriously how do we navigate being in our late 20s…

Rule number 1: Be yourself,  I do not mean the self people view you as, no, not at all, I mean YOU, without a doubt and without second guessing. I know what you are thinking? who is the real me? right? Trust me, you are not alone.

Let me rewind time and take you back to 2010, the year I hit my 20s.

I was afraid of all the big changes that I was facing, trust me, I hit 20 with a big bang. Many girls can relate to this. I hit 20 with no job, no apartment of my own, still doing many childlike things and wait for it, drum roll please, A BRAND NEW BABY GIRL. I thought, oh man, my life is over, but not at all, it was actually beginning. I had a really good support system, her father included, and thank God I was holding on to my childlike ways, cartoons was the best pass time for both me and my little angel. Time goes on, I finally had a job, a night shift position. It was at this point being a mom started to actually have its affects on me. When I had no job, I had no issue staying up all day watching cartoons and playing chase the baby with my little darling but now with mommy having a job and baby needing attention, it was hard. Thank God my baby slept all night, no problem for my sister the babysitter right? All the work was when I got off in the morning.  This is the time you say thank God for who ever is your support system right. To you all, you know who you are, thank you from the bottom of my heart for making being a mommy a little bit easier on me. Taking time off your schedule to do the running around while I slept, that was amazing.

Honestly that last paragraph was just so I can brag about my amazing daughter and support system.

Alright, we are getting back on track. Be yourself, that is what I was talking about. In life, well, the fact that it is short should already be motivation for you to be yourself. We take way too much time worrying about what he or she said, stop it. Start doing things for yourself, get your own voice. You are over 25 years old, you need to start owning that thing. No more saying negative things, instead, switch it up…

  • I am not good enough ( You are strong, and amazing, you are more than enough)
  • I cant do this ( You can do anything you set your mind to do )
  • I cant finish this project ( Work just a little bit more, and you will finish it )
  • This is not for me, if it was, it would come easy ( Nothing good comes easy )
  • The devil is busy ( NO, you are busy making bad decisions that cause the devil to enter you life and mess things up ) Stop helping the devil be busy
  • Why are all my friends better off? ( Do not compare yourself to anyone, again you are more than enough )

This is 2018, you need to be thankful you got this far, not a lot of people can say the same. Be happy in your skin, if its weight, you can change that, and if you can not change it, you are still beautiful and amazing because God only made one unique you. No one else can do the things you do the way you do them. OWN YOUR LIFE, OWN YOU GROWTH, OWN YOURSELF.

Rule number 2: Find your passion, if you already have, walk in your passion.

  •           If you love to sing, go ahead and sing. You are afraid to sing in front of people? Start small, and grow from that, or you can sing in front of a camera and then share it with people, if that kills your nerves.
  •            If you like to take pictures, invest in a good quality camera and take adventures, find beautiful places and things and document it on your camera.
  •            You want to be in the film industry, sign up for it, look for auditions, there are a lot of ways to find auditions. Look on Craigslist, Backstage and my favorite, Google.
  •            You want to be a writer, do what I am doing, start a blog and just type. Do not worry about things being perfect, trust me, everything gets better with time. All you need to know about being a writer is how to edit well. Anyone can be a writer, but the secret is in knowing how to edit.

What ever is your passion, what ever it is that wakes you up inside and cause you to smile just thinking about it. Get up and do it, it is a sad life, to live without having a passion. If your only passion is your family, then love the mess out of them. If your passion is sleeping, you better sleep with pride. If your passion is driving a fast car, you better put on your seat belt and start the engine. I urge you all to look within and find your passion, and when you do locate that little big missing piece, go and  enjoy it fully. Life feels empty without passion. It’s day after day of doing work, usually someone else is the boss and not you, Emptiness, anyone? Be passionate, please

Rule number 3: Let go of that routine you keep holding on to, JUST STOP IT, throw the whole thing away. Learn to let go, if you dream of moving to the mountains, or an island or Alaska, just do it. Stop living your life in a box, I am also talking to myself. Routines out the window, sometimes its okay to act outside the box, you are still in your YOUNG age after all. Start complaining after you hit 40, but even then, check yourself.

Rule number 4: You will not find rules for being Over 25 but Under 40, all you have to do is be the best you, you possibly can be. Work hard, supper hard at being yourself. If you are not married, stop settling for just anyone, I understand when you are over 25 years old time seems to be speeding past you if you are still unmarried, but wait for the one who will cause you to look forward to another day, someone who you share passions with, someone who understands you and loves your heart, someone who knows you are not perfect but love you anyway, someone who will cause you to reach even higher for your dreams and will be passionate about you. You need to wait for that person, wait for that kind of love. This takes me back to rule #1 which is really the most important rule, because once you follow 1, everything else will seriously fall into place, rule number 1 will cause a domino effect of positive energy in your life. Married or not, love yourself and the woman/man you are.

I really do hope you find this blog somewhat helpful, I know life is hard, and you feel like you are growing up and you still have so much you have not done. Go and do it, be someone who does what they say and not just think it. Go and accomplish something you will be proud of. If you have 4,3, or 2 more years remaining in your 20s like myself, hurry up and change something, and if this is your last year in your 20s, make the most of it, and for those who have reached 30 and climbing, life is only getting started for you, look at it that way and push forward.


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