Finding Your Center

Hello again

Here I am, a young woman in her twenties trying to figure out life.  A lot of adults are lost in this world, don’t know which way to turn so instead they go left, right but never center. Well, it all starts when you listen to the voice deep in your soul, Listening to the Spirit of God.

The righteous person faces many troubles,  but the LORD comes to the rescue each time Psalm 34:19. Now, let me tell you about finding your center.

You go through so much in life, everything begins with your childhood.

What did you grow up seeing?

What did you grow up hearing?

Did you find yourself trying to answer these two questions? If not, I’ll give you a few minutes to answer them, and I do not mean speed your way through, no, not at all. Please, do take your time.  Do not move on yet, I got a feeling you are still recalling your memory bank, trying to remember what you saw growing up. Did you hear about the Bible, did you read it. Did you see miracles happen, did you feel the hand of God personally? Or did you spend most of your childhood playing, and watching rubbish on the television?

Growing up I had a taste of both, I heard about the word of God, I sat and listened to the stories in the bible, I attended church and I also had times when I watched TV and all its rubbish, meant to contaminate my mind.

You and I are not different from many people around the world. A lot of people spend their time playing around with their lives simply because they have not found their center. I have stood where you are right now, I had an idea of what my future was going to look like, but I did not have the full insight and still it is not as clear. I have a picture, it is imprinted in my brain so much as it is a part of me. The woman God created me to be, That is the picture that keeps me going, the fuel in my life engine.


It is never too late to make the decision to follow the image God has for your life, the image you see when you shut out your carnal mind and see through the spiritual mind. You will discover the woman/man of valor that you are, you are not a fragile human, you are not weak, you have the strength of Almighty God within you. You are the chosen one of God.

You need to first be serious about walking with God, after you have made that life changing decision, He will teach you, and guide you, and comfort you, you will know His peace in your life, you will feel his love and see it around you. In fact, as you mature in your walk with the Lord, many good things will be multiplied to you.


Carnal mind? What does that mean? Well, it means listening to the flesh or the body, its passions and appetites, not spiritual, worldly, Secular etc… The list goes on, and on.

Spiritual minded? What this means is having the mind set on spiritual things, filled with holy desires and purposes, being lead my God and following his commandments.

Like many people, you discover that following what God requires is hard, because we got this body of ours trying to tell us that sinful things feel better. I’ll tell you this, yea it can seem easy to be in the world than follow Jesus and find your rightful place in the kingdom of Heaven. What good is it though, to gain the world and loss your soul? Your soul is very important, you got the Devil himself coming after it at full speed. Now listen you who have ears to hear and eyes to see. The lord is coming and his time is near.

I used the word warrior above simply because of this. When you do make the decision to let go of the carnal mind, the secular way, you start to live by the spirit, the Holy Spirit. The helper that God sent to earth to guide us through life. Now, when you accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior, that is the only time you can fully understand what it means to have the Holy Spirit leading you. It does not come easy, you will have to fight, not only the earthly things, but also the spiritual things. The devil and his army will come after you, yes! but they will not be able to defeat you. The walk with the Lord is hard, but that is what makes it great, nothing great comes easy. You need to fight with your mind, and your body everyday to keep from falling back into the old ways.

Sometimes, just like me, you will find that you want to go back to the pleasures of the sinful life, simply because this walk is getting hard. Jesus said, No one, having put his hand to the plow, and looking back, is fit for the kingdom of God (Luke 9:62). We can’t look back, we can not retrace our steps. Lord Jesus, hold my hand, and do not let go of me because I do not want to let go of you. We must want to hold on to God, we must want to hear him or else we will not get anywhere in life. We must learn to hear His voice and obey Gods commands. Only then will we be able to experience His joy and peace and only then will we be the effective ministers of the gospel that he needs us to be for the world.

Many are the afflictions of the righteous, but the LORD delivers [us] out of them all (Psalm 34:19).

Yes, we will face trails of tribulations in our walk with Christ, but The Lord will always be near. God delivers us from many things, glory to Him. He is the air that I breath and the heart beating in my chest. I have chosen to follow Jesus, and there is no turning back. He is my center, my creator and my deliverer. He is God



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