A letter

As a teenage girl I always wanted to be something more, someone more than myself.
I met a guy one autumn evening near the stroke of midnight
He looked at me with brown eyes and a soft warm smile on his face.
Little did I know, he would alter my life
Not in a small” oh look,” something has changed kind of way
It was more in a way like “oh my gosh” everything has changed. Nothing is the same, including me kind of way.
Where did I live off?
Oh yea, he looked at me with brown eyes
Nobody¬† ever told me someone’s eyes can change you, not a single soul dared to explain that small but very important detail.
Everything started with a simple stare and that is how it ended
Except the ending was a little different, we ended with a glare
We kept holding on to each others hand practically begging each other not to let go but we did.
I let go of his hand that cold winter night.
That is when everything changed
Something died in the both of us and something new, something cold was born
I wasn’t the same, I did not look at life the same
Every man who tried to enter my life after him was walking into a cold winter storm
I do admit, love tried to sip back in, tried to cling to me in the form of a warm body with a beating heart. I felt something, I felt like the cold was finally thawing around my heart.
Yes, it was warming but my heart defiantly refused to believe in love.
So I rebelled and did what I wanted to do
I started….
( To be continued in the upcoming book The Silence Of Chaos)

Esther S Ndovie

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