The silence of chaos

A man laying in his bed on the 40th floor of his manhattan condo
A empty pill prescription bottle next to him
A young woman dressed in a skintight red dress posing for pictures on the las Vegas strip
A empty bottle of Hennessy in her purse
A young boy hiding in the toilet with tears falling down his face
A few dozen thoughts of his family coming to an end
A woman waving down a taxi cab in a busy city  running 3 hours late to her daughters 18th birthday party
A young woman crying on her bedroom floor with a text message on her phone screen
TEXT FROM JOHN: I can’t be with you, you are not my type of girl, I’m in love with another woman.

( To be continued in the book…)

This is a short story based on the main tittle of the book. It shows you how life can take a very dramatic turn in a second.

Look out for my book. Coming soon

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